Get Started Selling Your Art – The Basics

Many Artists and Crafts People struggle to make a living selling their art. Creative people sometimes find it difficult to master the art of selling and business but it is a key skill if you wish to make a living from your art. As with most things, the keys to success can be simplified into a number of easy steps.

To sell art successfully, an artist or crafts person needs to:

image6Make Yourself Newsworthy

  • find the collectors who like and can afford their work
  • using publicity, promotion, email, events and by selling art online
  • get them in front of your artwork for a conversation that leads to a sale and
  • get the job done in the most efficient, affordable way possible

Rethink Your Art Business

Use the easy-to-follow art marketing program to increase your success in selling art:

Selling art depends on skillful art marketing. Learn and master the Four Essential Steps from a finished artwork to a sale. Free up creative time. Sort out what works and what doesn’t with the 80/20 rule. Know when to do-it-yourself and when to delegate. Use the ten step, 60 item Art Marketing Checklist to develop your plan.

Build Your Collector’s Circle

Establish a key collectors circle. How to use an art buyers profile and a database to sort out your most desired collectors. Tips to expand your collector’s circle. Ideas to make referrals easy.

Start Conversations With Collectors

Talk to collectors in their own language to create valued relationships and sales. Develop a clear and direct artist’s statement. Produce powerful art marketing messages based on your stories and art experiences. Apply the insights of “The Seven Stages Of The Fine Art Buying Process” chart to your sell your art.

Keep your artwork and art business in the public eye. See your name and artwork in the media. Understand how to get attention and media coverage through building media lists, writing releases and assembling media kits. Build your reputation as a professional artist.

Go Online To Serve Collectors

Art marketing advice on building or supervising the design of an effective website to attract and serve your collector’s circle. Practical and positive ways of increasing traffic from prospects, the media and the community to sell your art and make purchasing easy. Understand search engines, links, blogs.

Keep In Touch With E-mail And Newsletters

Create interest and prompt action from collectors with an email and online newsletter program using personalized content.

Attract Collectors With Direct Mail

Produce promotional materials including a monthly print newsletter, effective postcards and other mailers.

Draw Collectors To Your Studio

Realize the dream of exhibiting and selling art as you know it should be done. Inspire collectors and cement relationships by organizing and producing a successful studio event or exhibition. Ideas, tips and advice on getting the right people to your show, presenting your art, following up.

Make Your Art Easy To Acquire

Building your art career depends on establishing the value and price of your work. Maximize your potential and earning power by pricing your work for optimum profit. Practical solutions to shaping productive conversations with collectors, handling objections, closing a sale, servicing clients.

Work On Commission

Decide if commissions are for you, then plan and execute a successful project from first meeting to contract to delivery.

Work The Plan

Ask yourself the questions, “What to do when you are not creating art?”.

Get Started Selling Your Art – The Basics
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