Fremont Festival Of The Arts

The Fremont Festival of the Arts is a premier event for artisans looking to showcase their handmade creations in the vibrant California art scene. With over 300 coveted spots available each year, this festival offers a platform for artists to connect directly with a diverse audience of over 150,000 attendees.

From exclusive artist booths to a Business Marketplace offering unique services and deals, the festival provides a lucrative opportunity for artisans to exhibit and sell their original works.

California Artists, the organizing entity behind the festival, ensures a curated selection of high-quality handmade art, setting the stage for a dynamic and engaging artistic experience. Emphasizing originality and creativity, the festival prohibits mass-produced or imported arts and crafts, fostering an environment that celebrates authentic artisanal talent.

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Contact Information
When:Yearly in August
Email:[email protected]

About the Festival

Situated in the bustling city of Fremont, California, the Fremont Festival of the Arts has become a beloved annual tradition since its inception in 1983 at the Fremont Hub.

Boasting a rich history of artistic excellence, the festival has garnered extensive press coverage, solidifying its reputation as the largest free street festival west of the Mississippi. Drawing in a staggering 150,000 visitors annually, the festival has established itself as a must-visit destination for families and art enthusiasts seeking diverse activities and entertainment options.

With its prime location in the heart of Fremont, the festival serves as a vibrant hub for artists and attendees to come together and celebrate creativity. Its enduring popularity can be attributed to a carefully curated selection of over 300 artisan booths, captivating street performances, and delectable food offerings.

The festival’s commitment to showcasing only handmade art underscores its dedication to fostering a community of authentic artistic expression. As a cornerstone of the California art scene, the Fremont Festival of the Arts continues to captivate audiences and artists year after year.

Venue Information

Fremont is a dynamic city in the vibrant Bay Area of California with a thriving arts scene that beckons to artists seeking inspiration and opportunity. Known for its rich cultural diversity and innovative spirit, Fremont offers a blend of urban amenities and natural beauty, making it an attractive destination for creatives. The city’s eclectic mix of museums, galleries, and cultural events provides a fertile ground for artists to explore and showcase their work.

The Fremont Festival of the Arts takes place in the bustling downtown area of Fremont, California, covering several blocks of the city’s vibrant core. The festival spans multiple streets and open spaces, transforming the urban landscape into a bustling hub of artistic activity and cultural celebration.

Surrounded by a mix of shops, restaurants, and public amenities, the festival’s location offers artists and attendees a unique opportunity to engage with the city’s dynamic atmosphere while exploring diverse artisan booths, entertainment stages, and food vendors.

The central placement of the festival within Fremont not only enhances accessibility for visitors but also contributes to the lively and festive ambiance that characterizes this annual event.

opportunity for artists

Opportunity for Artists

With over 300 artisan booths available annually, artists have the opportunity to connect with a diverse and engaged audience of 150,000+ attendees. California Artists carefully curate the selection to ensure a diverse range of artistic styles and crafts are represented, creating a melting pot of creativity at the event.

Participation in the festival is exclusive to creators of handmade art, prohibiting the sale of mass-produced items and guaranteeing that attendees can purchase unique, one-of-a-kind pieces directly from the artists.

The festival serves as a retail space and fosters a sense of community among artists, providing a supportive environment for sharing ideas and experiences. Artists can leverage this platform to gain exposure, build their brand, and potentially secure sales, making it a valuable opportunity for artists looking to promote their work.

How to Participate

Artists applying to participate in the Fremont Festival of the Arts must adhere to strict guidelines that emphasize the promotion of original, handmade art exclusively. The festival strictly prohibits the sale of mass-produced or imported arts and crafts, ensuring a showcase of authentic artisanal talent.

Artists must provide their own setup and display materials to present their work creatively and professionally, including panels, tables, and canopies. Along with showcasing their original creations, artists are encouraged to engage with festival attendees, fostering a direct connection with the audience.

To apply for a booth at the Fremont Festival of the Arts, artists can contact California Artists, the organizing entity behind the event, to express their interest in participating. Artists must provide details about their work, including photographs or samples, to showcase the originality and quality of their creations.

Once the application is submitted, artists can expect a review process by the festival organizers to ensure their work aligns with the festival’s focus on handmade, original art. Upon approval, artists will receive information regarding booth setup, display requirements, and guidelines for showcasing their work effectively at the festival.

It is recommended to apply for a booth well before the event dates to secure a spot and prepare adequately for this renowned artistic showcase in the vibrant city of Fremont, California.

fees and costs

Fees and Costs

Participation in the Fremont Festival of the Arts involves a registration fee of $375 (2023) and a 10% commission on all sales generated during the event. The exhibit spaces provided for artists are typically around 10 feet wide and 10 feet deep, offering ample room to showcase their creative works to a vast audience.

Artists must submit their entries by August 1st, although spaces may be filled before the deadline due to high demand. Additionally, artists are responsible for their booth setup and display materials, ensuring a professional and engaging presentation of their original art.

While the registration fee covers the cost of securing a spot at the festival, the commission on sales contributes towards the festival’s operations and support of artistic endeavors within the community.

Parking and Setup Logistics

Artists participating in the Fremont Festival of the Arts benefit from convenient parking and setup logistics. Designated parking spaces on Liberty Street and Walnut Avenue are reserved for artists during setup. They can unload at designated drop-off points before parking.

Booth spaces are assigned for each artist to showcase their work, with California Artists providing support. Detailed setup instructions and schedules are shared beforehand to ensure artists are well-prepared. This careful planning enhances the festival experience, allowing artists to focus on their creativity and interactions with the public.

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