Golden Art Festival

The Golden Art Festival is a prestigious juried art show in the heart of historic downtown Golden, Colorado. With its prime location just 20 minutes west of Metro Denver and accessible admission to the public, this premier event draws over 30,000 visitors over two days.

The festival features an impressive lineup of over 100 artist booth spaces selected by a competitive jury of art professionals. Artists from within and outside Colorado showcase their original artwork, ranging from paintings and sculptures to ceramics and jewelry.

First and second-place winners in nine categories receive cash prizes and Best of Show and Colorado honors. The Golden Chamber of Commerce produces the festival, ensuring a well-organized and welcoming experience for artists and attendees.

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Contact Information
When:Yearly in August
email:[email protected]

About the Festival

The Golden Fine Arts Festival is a beloved event that has become a Golden, Colorado icon over its 34-year history. Located in the heart of historic downtown Golden, just 20 minutes west of Metro Denver, this prestigious juried art show attracts local and national artists, making it a diverse and vibrant talent showcase. With free admission, the festival draws in over 30,000 visitors over two days.

The festival has gained significant recognition over the years, receiving press coverage from local and national media outlets. This exposure has helped establish the festival’s reputation as a premier art event, attracting artists and visitors from near and far. The festival’s curated selection process ensures a high level of artistic excellence, and its tradition of awarding cash prizes adds to the appeal of participating artists.

The Golden Chamber of Commerce produces the festival, which fosters a warm and welcoming environment for all. Artists and attendees alike appreciate the attentive hospitality, making it a favorite destination for those seeking an artistically enriching experience.

The Golden Fine Arts Festival is a highly popular and respected art event. Its prime location, rich history, press coverage, and commitment to showcasing exceptional artistic talent make it a must-visit for artists and enthusiasts alike.

Venue Information

Golden, Colorado, a charming town located just 20 minutes west of Metro Denver, is the picturesque setting for the Golden Fine Arts Festival. Situated in the heart of historic downtown Golden, this vibrant city is known for its rich history and captivating beauty. The stunning Rocky Mountains surround Golden and offer breathtaking views and a welcoming atmosphere for residents and visitors.

The festival occurs along 11th Street, a central and bustling area in downtown Golden. This prime location allows artists and attendees to immerse themselves in the lively energy of the town while enjoying the incredible artwork on display.

The festival’s integration into the heart of Golden ensures that visitors can easily explore the town’s enchanting streets, unique boutiques, and diverse dining options.

Golden’s location also provides a gateway to outdoor recreational activities, making it an enticing destination for art lovers and nature enthusiasts. With its proximity to hiking trails, scenic drives, and the majestic Clear Creek, Golden offers many opportunities to explore and appreciate Colorado’s natural beauty.

artist opportunity

Opportunity for Artists

With over 30,000 visitors attending the festival over two days, artists have the opportunity to showcase their talent to a diverse and enthusiastic audience. Participating artists have the potential to generate significant revenue from their art sales at the festival. With such many attendees, artists can attract many potential buyers, including collectors, art enthusiasts, and casual visitors.

The festival’s reputation and popularity contribute to its sales potential, as visitors come specifically to discover and purchase unique art pieces. Cash prizes awarded in various categories, including Best of Show and Best of Colorado, increase the incentive for artists to participate.

Securing a booth spot at the Golden Fine Arts Festival is highly competitive due to the limited spaces available. With just over 100 artist booth spaces, the festival’s jury process ensures a high-quality selection of artists across various mediums. This exclusivity enhances the festival’s overall appeal and increases the visibility and recognition of participating artists.

How to Participate

To participate in the Golden Fine Arts Festival, artists must apply via the ZAPP® System, an online application platform. The festival welcomes applications from both local and national artists. Each artist may submit up to three applications in different media categories.

The application process requires submitting four images of the artist’s work and one booth display image showcasing the overall presentation of their artwork.

Artists must sell their original handcrafted artwork, with no more than 50% being reproductions. Commercial, mass-produced, or manufactured work, resale items, and imports are prohibited. Artists collaborating on pieces should list all co-creators or second artists on booth signs and other collateral.

The festival’s jury process is competitive, with two jurors per category evaluating the applications. The festival has a well-established reputation for artistic excellence, so artists are encouraged to select and present their best work in the applications carefully.

fees and costs

Fees and Costs

Participating in the Golden Fine Arts Festival incurs various fees and costs. Here’s a breakdown of the different expenses:

  1. Application Fee: Artists must pay a non-refundable application fee of $40 to apply for the festival. This fee covers the cost of processing and reviewing the artist’s application.
  2. Booth Fee: If accepted, artists must pay a booth fee to secure their space at the festival. A single booth (10’x10′) is available for $495 (2024), while a limited number of double booths (10’x20′) are available for $850 (2024). The booth fee covers the cost of the allocated space for the artist to display their artwork.
  3. Permits and Insurance: All invited artists must provide a Certificate of Additional Insured, demonstrating that they have liability insurance to cover unforeseen circumstances. Short-term event insurance policies are available for artists who do not have existing insurance coverage.

Artists are responsible for any costs associated with their booth rental, setup, display materials, and transportation expenses. For specific details and any updates on fees and costs, artists are encouraged to refer to the official festival website or contact the festival organizers directly.

Parking and Setup Logistics

Artists participating in the Golden Fine Arts Festival have designated access and timing for booth setup to ensure a smooth and organized process. The festival provides specific instructions and guidelines in the artist information packet.

The festival offers several parking options for artists. Free parking is available at the CoorsTek Parking Lots and the Clear Creek Parking Lot, and an event shuttle runs between these locations and the festival entrance from noon to 4:00PM each day.

Artists may also park free at the Downtown Golden North and South Parking Garages. The School of Mines Lot K at 11th and Maple Streets is also available for free event parking.

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