Novato Art And Wine Festival

The Novato Art and Wine Festival is an annual event hosted by the Novato Chamber of Commerce that celebrates Northern California’s vibrant arts and culture scene. With its 25-year legacy, this festival has become a must-attend event for artists looking to showcase their work and connect with a wide audience.

On Grant Avenue in Historic Downtown Novato, the festival offers a unique platform for artists to display and sell their handcrafted art amidst live music, regional and imported wines, gourmet food, and a lively atmosphere.

One of the main draws for artists participating in the Novato Art and Wine Festival is the opportunity to engage with a large and diverse crowd. With over 80,000 attendees throughout the two-day event, artists can showcase their creativity to many art enthusiasts and potential buyers.

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Contact Information
When:Yearly in June
email:[email protected]

About the Festival

Located in the heart of Novato, the Novato Art and Wine Festival is a vibrant annual event that celebrates local artistry, culinary delights, and musical performances. This beloved festival has a rich history of bringing the community together each June for a weekend filled with creativity and entertainment.

Over the years, the Novato Art and Wine Festival has gained significant popularity and has become a beloved event among locals and visitors alike. The festival attracts a staggering 80,000 attendees over two days, making it one of the most significant art events in Marin County.

Its reputation for showcasing unique, handcrafted art and offering a diverse selection of regional and imported wines has drawn attention from the press and artists across the region. The festival has garnered favorable press coverage, cementing its status as a must-attend event for art enthusiasts.

What sets the Novato Art and Wine Festival apart is its commitment to providing a platform for artists of all styles and mediums. The festival boasts 200 arts and crafts booths, allowing artists to showcase their creations and engage with a vast audience.

Venue Information

Located in the heart of Marin County, Novato is a charming city known for its rich history and vibrant arts scene. With its picturesque landscapes and historic architecture, Novato offers a perfect backdrop for cultural events and artistic gatherings. The city’s welcoming community and diverse population create a dynamic environment for artists to thrive and showcase their work.

The Novato Art and Wine Festival occurs in the historic Old Town area at 1112 Grant Avenue, Novato, CA 94945. This well-established event has been a staple in the community for over 35 years, drawing in over 65,000 attendees annually. The festival’s location in Old Town Novato adds to its allure, attracting art enthusiasts and visitors looking to experience the unique blend of art and wine in a historic setting.

Artists participating in the festival can engage with a diverse audience, network with fellow creatives, and gain exposure within the artistic community. The festival’s prime location and lively atmosphere make it an ideal platform for artists to showcase their talent and connect with a large audience.

opportunity for artists

Opportunity for Artists

The Novato festival presents a multitude of opportunities for both established and emerging artists to promote and sell their work. With its impressive attendance of over 80,000 visitors throughout the two-day event, artists have a vast audience to showcase their creations and potentially generate significant revenue.

The festival provides 200 arts and crafts booths, allowing artists to display and sell their work directly to interested buyers. This high volume of foot traffic ensures excellent visibility and the potential for substantial sales throughout the weekend.

Furthermore, the festival’s reputation and popularity contribute to its appeal among art enthusiasts and collectors, increasing the likelihood of attracting buyers actively seeking unique and high-quality artwork. The festival’s emphasis on handcrafted art also adds value to artists’ work, highlighting their creations’ authenticity and craftsmanship.

Due to the festival’s popularity and limited booth spaces, competition for spots can be fierce. Artists are encouraged to apply early and present their work compellingly and uniquely to increase their chances of securing a booth at this highly sought-after event.

How to Participate

The festival welcomes artists working in various styles and mediums, emphasizing the importance of handcrafted art. Artists may apply with their original work, or if representing someone else, with proper permission from Eckerstrom Productions, the festival’s partner. Only handcrafted or personally made products are allowed, and no imported goods are permitted.

The application process involves completing a thorough and legible application form, which should be submitted to Eckerstrom Productions. New applicants are typically required to include five photos of their work, including one booth shot, while returning artists may only need to provide a booth shot. Every application must include a copy of a valid California State Board of Equalization (BOE) permit, and a self-addressed stamped envelope should be included for correspondence purposes.

It is recommended that artists apply as early as possible, as applications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. The festival organizers consider all submitted applications and notify artists of their acceptance status within approximately a month.

fees and costs

Fees and Costs

The Novato Art and Wine Festival, known for celebrating artistic expression, requires artists to pay a space fee of $250.00 and a 10% commission on sales. In addition to the booth space fee and commission, artists must consider the following costs:

  1. Booth Rental: Artists are responsible for providing their booth setup, including canopies, tables, display materials, and any additional equipment needed to showcase their artwork. Booths are available for rent from Eckerstrom Productions.
  2. Licenses and Permits: Depending on local regulations and requirements, artists may need specific licenses and permits to participate in the festival. These can include business licenses, temporary event permits, or any other permits necessary to sell artwork legally.
  3. Insurance: Artists are generally required to have their general liability insurance to cover any accidents, damages, or losses that may occur during the festival. This insurance is important for protecting both the artist and their artwork.

It is essential for artists to carefully budget and consider these potential costs to ensure a successful and profitable participation in the Novato Art and Wine Festival.

Parking and Setup Logistics

The Novato Art and Wine Festival provides artists with convenient access, ample time for booth setup, and designated parking options. Artists can expect to have access to their booth spaces during specifically designated time slots before the festival officially opens.

Regarding parking, the festival organizers typically provide clear instructions and guidelines for artists to follow. Artists will be directed to designated parking areas near the festival grounds, ensuring easy accessibility to transport their booth set up and artwork. It is important for artists to follow any parking instructions provided by the festival staff to ensure a smooth and organized setup process.

The festival organizers prioritize the convenience and ease of setup for participating artists, offering access to booth spaces at designated times and providing suitable parking arrangements. By providing these resources, the Novato Art and Wine Festival aims to create a favorable environment for artists to showcase their work and engage with festival attendees.

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