Palo Alto Art Festival

The Palo Alto Art Festival is a highly regarded art event that attracts artists from all over the West Coast. Celebrating its 41st anniversary in 2024, this open-air gallery showcases over 250 talented artists and crafters, offering a unique opportunity for artists to showcase their work to a large audience of art lovers.

The festival takes place on tree-lined University Avenue in beautiful downtown Palo Alto, providing a vibrant and picturesque setting for artists to display their creations.

With a strong focus on fine art and contemporary craft, this festival is known for its high-quality exhibitors. It attracts visitors who appreciate the excellence and diversity of the artwork on display.

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Contact Information
When:Yearly in August
Email: [email protected]

About the Palo Alto Art Festival

The Palo Alto Festival of the Arts has become a highly anticipated event with a rich history spanning over four decades. As one of the premier art festivals on the West Coast, it has earned a reputation for showcasing high-quality artwork and contemporary crafts. Hosted by the Palo Alto Chamber of Commerce and supported by the City of Palo Alto, this festival has been a staple in the community, attracting residents and visitors from all over California.

What sets this festival apart is its commitment to excellence in the arts. With over 250 fine artists and crafters participating, the festival boasts various artwork across various mediums, including painting, sculpture, ceramics, jewelry, photography, and more.

The Palo Alto Festival of the Arts has garnered significant press coverage and continues to gain recognition as a premier art event. With its stellar reputation, the festival has attracted over 65,000 visitors annually, creating a vibrant and bustling atmosphere along University Avenue.

As a melting pot of artistic expression, entertainment, and culinary experiences, the Palo Alto Art Festival provides a platform for artists to engage with the community and create lasting memories. Its rich history and diverse offerings make it a testament to the vibrant cultural scene in the region, solidifying its popularity year after year.

Venue Information

Palo Alto, located in the heart of Silicon Valley, is a vibrant city known for its thriving arts community and rich cultural scene. Renowned for its prestigious Stanford University, Palo Alto attracts a diverse population and fosters an environment that embraces creativity and innovation. The city’s picturesque streets and tree-lined neighborhoods provide a charming backdrop for artists seeking inspiration.

Beyond its academic reputation, Palo Alto offers an array of attractions that appeal to artists. The Palo Alto Art Center, a hub for contemporary art, hosts exhibitions and workshops, providing opportunities for artists to engage with the local art community. The city also boasts numerous art galleries showcasing a variety of styles and mediums.

The Palo Alto Festival of the Arts takes place along the iconic University Avenue, a bustling downtown district known for its vibrant energy and unique shops. This prime location allows artists to showcase their work in the city’s heart, attracting art enthusiasts, collectors, and curious visitors from near and far.

The festival’s setting adds character to the event, creating an immersive experience where art is seamlessly woven into the city’s fabric.

Artist Opportunities

Opportunity for Artists

The Palo Alto Festival of the Arts offers exceptional opportunities for established and emerging artists to showcase and sell their work to a large and enthusiastic audience. With over 65,000 visitors attending the festival annually, artists have the potential to reach a wide range of art enthusiasts, collectors, and potential buyers.

The high attendance numbers indicate the strong interest and support for the arts within the community and beyond, increasing the sales potential for participating artists.

Booth spots at the festival are highly competitive, with artists vying to display their work along the vibrant University Avenue. The festival’s reputation for showcasing high-quality art attracts a curated selection of artists from various mediums, ensuring visitors’ diverse and engaging art experience.

The festival’s long-standing history and popularity contribute to its ability to draw in a large crowd, providing artists with a significant platform to promote and sell their artwork.

For artists, the festival provides a direct means of connecting with potential buyers, engaging in conversations about their work, and building relationships with art enthusiasts. The festival’s supportive and artist-friendly atmosphere and dedicated artist amenities such as hospitality booths and booth-sitters enhance the artist’s experience.

Ultimately, the Palo Alto Festival of the Arts presents a lucrative revenue opportunity for artists by providing them with a well-attended and highly respected platform to showcase and sell their artwork.

How to Participate

The Palo Alto Arts Festival welcomes applications from artists who create unique, handcrafted works of art. The festival seeks artists with high creativity, originality, and artistic skill. All artwork must be made in the USA by the artist applying to participate in the event.

The festival encourages artists to showcase their perspective and unique artistic style, ensuring a diverse and engaging exhibition for attendees.

To apply for participation in the festival, artists must submit an application form and provide images of their artwork for review. The festival organizers carefully curate the exhibitors to maintain the high standard of quality for which the festival is known.

Once the application is reviewed and accepted, artists will be notified of their selection and provided with further details regarding booth assignments and set-up instructions.

The application process typically opens several months before the festival dates, and artists are encouraged to submit their applications by the specified deadline. The exact timescale for the application process may vary yearly, so it is advisable to check the festival’s official website for the most up-to-date information.

fees and costs

Fees and Costs

The festival operates on a commission basis, with artists required to pay a 10% commission on the gross, pre-tax sales from on-site purchases. This commission is due to Pacific Fine Arts Festivals within two weeks following the festival. For any post-show sales, the commission payment is expected to be made by December 31.

In addition to the commission, artists are responsible for booth fees, which vary depending on the size and configuration of the booth space. For example, booth sizes and fees include an 8dx10w booth at $295.00 and a 10dx10w booth at $345.00.

Various other booth sizes and configurations are available to accommodate different artist requirements. The fees and costs of each booth size can be obtained by contacting the festival organizers.

It’s important to note that artists must obtain a California Seller’s Permit to participate in the festival. This permit allows artists to sell their artwork at the event legally. Additionally, while not mandatory, artists are strongly encouraged to obtain their own business or event insurance to protect their work and business.

Parking and Setup Logistics

The festival provides artists with convenient access and ample time for booth setup. Artists can access their designated booth spaces on the morning of the festival, with controlled load-in and load-out procedures to ensure a smooth process.

Parking is available near the festival site, making it convenient for artists to transport their artwork and equipment. Accessible parking areas are located within a block or two of the festival grounds, with designated parking for disabled patrons available in all city lots. While parking is accessible, artists are encouraged to consider using public transit or biking options to avoid potential congestion and support sustainable transportation.

For specific information regarding booth setup instructions, load-in and load-out procedures, and parking arrangements, artists should refer to the festival’s official communication channels or contact the festival organizers directly.

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