Kentuck Art Festival

The Kentuck Festival of the Arts is a highly acclaimed and long-standing festival that celebrates creativity and showcases various artistic styles. With its 52-year history, this festival has become a nationally recognized hub for artists and art enthusiasts.

From folk to contemporary art and traditional craft, the Kentuck Art Festival offers a diverse and vibrant artwork display. The festival attracts thousands of visitors each year from all across the country to immerse themselves in the Southern experience. Alongside over 250 exhibiting artists, the festival features educational demonstrations, interactive art areas, children’s activities, live music, storytelling, craft beer, and food trucks.

The festival also supports the year-round programming of the Kentuck Art Center, a nonprofit organization that houses studios, exhibition spaces, and a gallery shop. With a commitment to exceptional quality and creativity, the Kentuck Festival of the Arts continues to be a beloved and highly anticipated event in the art community.

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Contact Information
When:Yearly, in October
Email:[email protected]

About the Festival

The Kentuck Festival of the Arts is a prestigious and beloved event that has been making its mark in the art world for over five decades. Recently moved to Tuscaloosa, Alabama, this annual festival brings together artists, musicians, and visitors from all walks of life to celebrate and appreciate the rich diversity of artistic expression.

With its 52-year history, the Kentuck Festival has become a nationally recognized arts and culture hub. Showcasing over 270 artists, the festival offers a wide range of creative styles, from contemporary art and sculpture to traditional and heritage crafts. This dynamic blend of artistic genres ensures that there is something for everyone to enjoy.

The festival has garnered significant press coverage and accolades and featured in prominent publications such as Smithsonian Magazine, Southern Living, and National Geographic Traveler. The Kentuck Festival of the Arts was recently named one of the top ten events to attend in Alabama by the Alabama Department of Tourism. Additionally, it was ranked fifth in the nation by Sunshine Artist Magazine in the category of Classic and Contemporary Craft Shows.

The popularity of the Kentuck Festival is evident in its annual visitor count, with attendance ranging from 10,000 to 20,000 people. From art enthusiasts to families seeking a fun and enriching experience, the festival attracts a diverse audience eager to explore the vibrant world of art.

Overall, the Kentuck Festival of the Arts continues to be a highly anticipated and celebrated event, showcasing exceptional talent, fostering creativity, and leaving a lasting impression on all who attend.

Venue Information

The Kentuck Art Festival provides a captivating venue for artists and art enthusiasts to converge in the scenic surroundings of Snow Hinton Park in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. In its 53rd edition in 2024, the festival has moved from Kentuck Park in Northport, Alabama, to Snow Hinton Park, aiming to continue its tradition of celebrating art, music, and culture while engaging the community in Tuscaloosa.

The festival typically runs from 9 am to 5 pm on Saturday and 9 am to 4 pm on Sunday. VIPs have the opportunity for early shopping. Admission prices are $15 for a single-day pass, $25 for a weekend pass, and children under 12 enjoy free entry. This location change enhances the overall experience, providing a picturesque backdrop for a weekend filled with artistic inspiration and cultural immersion.

Opportunity for Artists

The Kentuck Festival of the Arts offers a multitude of opportunities for both established and emerging artists to showcase, promote, and sell their work. With over 15,000 attendees from all across the country, artists have a chance to connect with a diverse and enthusiastic audience.

Additionally, the festival offers $12,200 in awards, including Best of Show, Awards of Distinction, and Merit Awards. Winning an award gives artists prestigious recognition and automatic invitations to the following year’s festival.

Moreover, the Kentuck Festival of the Arts is a juried show, ensuring that artists’ work is curated and selected based on its quality, originality, and creativity. This further enhances the opportunities for artists to receive positive feedback, build their reputation, and attract potential buyers.

With its flat booth fees and no commissions, the festival allows artists to keep the entirety of their sales. This provides a financially beneficial opportunity for artists to sell their work directly to interested buyers, making the festival an ideal platform for artists to promote and sell their creations.

How to Participate

To apply for the Kentuck Festival of the Arts, artists must meet certain requirements and follow specific guidelines. Artists must submit four professional quality images of their work, showcasing the range of their artistic style. These images should not contain visible signatures or business names to ensure an anonymous jury process.

Applicants are also asked to fill out an application form on the Eventeny platform. This includes providing basic personal information, contact details, and relevant website or social media accounts.

The festival operates on a juried system, with a panel of arts professionals evaluating each artist’s submission based on the festival’s standards of quality, originality, and creativity. Artists are notified of their jury status by July, allowing ample preparation time if accepted.

Regardless of their past participation, all artists must apply and jury into the approximately 250 spots at the festival. A limited number of artists per category are accepted to ensure a diverse and balanced show. The Kentuck staff does not influence jury scoring or artist selection, ensuring a fair and unbiased selection process.

fees and costs

Fees and Costs

There is a non-refundable application fee that artists must pay when applying. For 2023, artists who apply before May 15 can take advantage of the early bird application rate, which was $35. For those who apply later, the regular application fee was $50.

If selected to exhibit at the festival, artists will also be responsible for paying a booth fee. The specific booth fees vary depending on the size and location desired. For instance, a booth rental measuring 10’x12′ typically costs $275. There are also options for corner booths, double deep booths (10’x24′), and double wide booths (20’x12′), each with their respective prices. However, precise rates and fees for the upcoming festival are not available in the provided information.

Parking and Setup Logistics

Efficient logistics for parking and setup are meticulously organized to facilitate a seamless experience for artists participating in the Kentuck Art Festival. Designated parking areas near the booths allow artists easy access to unload their supplies and efficiently set up their displays. Artists are guided to drive in for unloading and then directed to designated parking spots to ensure a smooth setup process.

Assistance is readily available for artists with more oversized items or complex booth setups, ensuring that everyone can easily prepare their exhibits. Detailed parking and setup instructions are provided well before the festival, enabling artists to familiarize themselves with the process and plan accordingly.

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