7 Powerful Art Booth Display Ideas for Artists

The Challenges of Making a Art Booth Display Stand Out

Displaying your art for sale at an Arts and Crafts fair is a great way to generate income and get your artwork seen. It’s also hard work, and the cost of show participation and booth setup can be high. Get the best results from your exhibit by following these Art booth display ideas.

Putting together an art booth display stand is one of the most difficult tasks in any art show event. It involves a lot of time, effort, and money to make your booth look attractive and inviting.

Visitors to an art fair are spoilt for choice so you have to may your art booth display stands out from the rest, something that catches their attention.

In this post, we discuss different ways to make your booth stand out from the rest. We will also talk about some of the most popular mistakes that exhibitors make and how you can avoid them as well as some tips on what to do if you have a limited budget for your exhibition booth design.

1. Booth Canopy Must be White.

Art Booth Display Ideas

The color of a booth canopy is important because it can make a space look more aesthetically pleasing and differentiates the exhibit from other booths. It also sets up a mood or tone that aligns with the artist’s goals and messages. A white booth canopy creates an intimate, clean environment. Black and dark-colored canopies are for shade – they make things gloomy. While a red or blue canopy may look attractive, a white canopy brightens the booth and adds light. White is also neutral and provides a great backdrop to bring out the color and highlight your artwork.

2. Tent Weights are a Must Have.

It’s easy to forget this, but the wind is always a factor with an outdoor display. A change in weather conditions can quickly wreak havoc on your booth setup. There are many horror stories of carefully constructed booths being blown away by a freak gust of wind, or sudden change in weather. Make sure that your booth legs are secured to the ground and the sides are weighted to prevent movement.

One solution is to use heavy steel grid wall panels that can be attached to the canopy. These not only weigh down the sides of your stand but also provide an easy way to hang your art displays to the walls. Another low-cost option is to make homemade weights that you can attach to the sides of the booth.

3. Use a Backdrop! 

Artists are getting more creative with the way they present their work at art exhibitions. From 3D sculptures to sound installations, there is no limit to what you can do. But one of the most effective ways to make your booth stand out is by using a backdrop. This could be mounted or free standing but should be constructed in order to allow viewers to view your work from all angles.

Many vendors overlook this, but a back wall or curtain makes your booth look much more professional. If you are successful in attracting visitors to your booth, do everything you can to keep their attention on your art.  A backdrop removes the distractions of your competition on each side of you and makes sure visitors focus only on your art. The backdrop itself is not just an accessory for framing; it becomes the focal point of the display and should be designed to make the work stand out.

4. Tablecloths that reach the ground are a MUST.

There is nothing more unprofessional than tables with tablecloths that are not long enough and expose your packing boxes and all other kinds of things that are needed to manage a booth display. A white tablecloth or folded sheet is all you need that is long enough to hide table legs and all the junk you will store under the table. Look up “Trade Show Tablecloths” on Amazon to find good low-cost options.

5. Go Vertical to Make Your Display Bigger and More Visible.

The floor space of your booth is typically limited in size, so make sure you use all the vertical display areas of your stand to best advantage. Back and side walls offer a great background for displaying your art – find a way to use them. Shelving, walls, hangers, and signs – whatever it takes to make your display interesting, so you catch people’s eye as they walk past and encourage them to take a closer look.

6. Clear Communication on What Your Booth is About.

Make sure that people walking past your booth are in no doubt about who you are and what you have to offer. A big sign or banner that includes a tag line describing your art type and style is all you need. Make sure it is visible even if your booth is full of people. It’s also a good idea to tell folks what’s for sale before they enter your stall. Are you selling originals, prints, puzzles, cards? Make your sales proposition clear together with prices. It will make it a lot easier for people to make a buying decision.

7. Don’t Stand “On Guard” at the Entrance.

There is nothing worse than making people feel intimidated at entering your stall. People are reluctant to enter a booth if they think they will immediately be pounced upon by the artist. Nobody will push past you to take a closer look if you’re standing there blocking it. Stand either well outside your booth, or inside so you can greet people who show interest. Even better, perform an activity on the stand to attract attention. If you are painting a piece of artwork, people will naturally want to take a look.

These art booth display ideas and tips apply to any art or craft show that you participate in with a booth of your own. Following the above Art Booth Display tips can lead to an increase in sales of your art, and make the life of a working artist just a little bit easier.

7 Powerful Art Booth Display Ideas for Artists
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