Presentation is an important aspect to being successful selling at Art Fairs. While people walk past your tent at an art festival, many observe how the artwork looks in relation to the way the artist displays his or her work. Some artists go into length to have elaborate decorations around their tent while others put in little to no effort at all. They don’t hang their artwork and just leave it laying on the ground without any tender care. Many people at art shows observed these things and notice the value that the artist puts on his or her own work by their presentation and setup of the artwork.

presenting your art at art festivals

What I have noticed the most is that the way you set up your booth space says a lot about you and the value you have in your own art. To some artists, it may not seem to be of much concern but it can be an asset or liability to your sales. When setting up your booth, table, or whatever you are using you would want to put some thought into your presentation.

Imagine you were going to a lovely banquet with your friends and when you got there the food was prepared on an old beat-up table, the servers were dressed in flip flops and drinking glasses were not all that clean. Would you enjoy the banquet? You may, but you would be thinking about the fact you got food off of an old dirty table and drank from a half clean glass if you got something to drink.

My point is this, the way you present your art at an art festival or private showing is very important because you want to present yourself as a reliable person and a professional artist. You want to make sure that when people see your work they see quality art from a quality artist.

Here are a few suggestions and tips that you may want to consider:

Tip 1 – Be Clean

Make sure your art is clean. Though some of your art may have been in the basement collecting dusk make sure it is clean before you display to potential buyers. Be sure you look well-groomed and professional as well. For me, I like a nice clean white shirt when presenting my art.

Tip2 – De-Clutter

Make sure your artwork is not all cluttered together, especially your small-large pieces. You can get away with hanging small pieces in groups or even sporadically with other small inexpensive pieces. Also, make sure you have your tables set up nice and your boxes or crates hidden.

Tip3 – Decor

One of the best things you can do when setting your booth up or area to sell your art is making it look inviting. I’ve seen artists use rugs, table cloths, plants, bowls of candy, candles and etc. Every time I see those booths that are decorated nicely, I want to go in to look at their work because the space is so inviting and warm. Think of your booth as your home or store and remember to keep your area clean, clutter-free, and warm & inviting. You want to project the image of your work as having value and that you are of value as an artist.

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