Phoenix Art Walk

The Phoenix Art Walk, a prominent fixture in Arizona’s cultural landscape, presents an enriching opportunity for artists to exhibit their creations amidst a thriving urban Arizona Art walks scene.

This event, hosted by Artlink, has attracted thousands of art enthusiasts since the mid-90s, fostering an environment that blends culture, creativity, and community engagement.

If you are an artist looking to broaden your audience, this could be your chance to shine. As we explore the potential benefits and challenges of participating in this prestigious event, one must ponder, is this the platform that could propel your artistry to new heights?

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Contact Information

Website: Phoenix Art Walk
When: Monthly, specific dates vary – check website for details
Fees for Artists: Registration fee of $50 per event
Email: [email protected]

Exploring Phoenix’s Premier Art Event

Born out of Artlink’s vision in the mid-90s, First Fridays have become a vibrant celebration of local artists, drawing immense crowds to downtown Phoenix. Free and open to all, this evening event transforms the city into an expansive arts district.

From 6 to 10 p.m., the sidewalks buzz with energy, reaching their zenith by 8 p.m. Visitors can traverse the Roosevelt Row and Grand Avenue Arts Districts, famed for their eclectic galleries, murals, and stages. Highlights include the iconic Prince tribute mural at Rodriguez Boxing Gym and the historic Bragg’s Pie Factory, now an artistic haven.

First Fridays truly encapsulate Phoenix’s rich cultural tapestry.

Opportunity for Artists

Opportunity for Artists

The Phoenix Art Walk presents a remarkable platform for emerging and professional Arizona-based artists to display their work, fostering a unique opportunity to advance their artistic careers. This event is not just an exhibition but also a chance for artists to gain recognition and financial support.

The Lehmann Emerging Artist Awards, a key part of the Art Walk, offers a substantial $10,000 grant program. This award provides financial support and acts as a stepping stone, opening doors to further opportunities. However, eligibility criteria must be met, including an Arizona residency for at least a year.

How to Participate

Participation in the esteemed Phoenix Art Walk involves meeting certain eligibility criteria and adhering to the outlined submission process, paving the way for artists to gain exposure and recognition in the vibrant local arts scene.

Artists must have been Arizona residents for at least one year, and their artwork should not be older than three years. The varied media forms welcomed ensure a rich, diverse exhibition opportunity.

To apply for open calls and opportunities with Artlink, artists must follow these steps:

  1. Register with Artlink: Artists must be registered with Artlink before applying. You can register as an Articipant or an “All Access” Articipant, a paid level that provides additional benefits.
  2. Browse open calls: Visit the Artlink website or other platforms where Artlink shares open calls and opportunities. Look for calls that are appropriate for your medium and interests.
  3. Prepare your application: Review the specific requirements and guidelines for each open call you are interested in. Prepare your application materials accordingly, including images of your artwork, a resume, an artist statement, or any additional documentation requested.
  4. Submit your application: Once you have prepared your application materials, follow the instructions on the open call to submit your application. This may involve filling out an online form, emailing your materials to a specific contact, or using an online submission platform.
  5. Wait for notification: After submitting your application, you will typically need to wait for the selection process to be completed. Artlink will notify artists who have been selected or provide updates on the status of their application.

It is important to note that the application process may vary for different open calls, so artists should carefully review the instructions and requirements for each submission.

Venue Information

Downtown Phoenix, to an artist like myself, is a vibrant and eclectic hub of creativity waiting to be explored. The position of historic buildings alongside modern skyscrapers provides a unique backdrop for inspiration.

The street art adoring the walls and alleyways tells a story of a city embracing individuality and expression. The local art galleries and studios showcase diverse talent, from traditional paintings to avant-garde installations.

After securing a spot in the Phoenix Art Walk, artists can look forward to exhibiting their work in a dynamic urban setting that brings together a diverse mix of creatives from all corners of the city. This free, all-ages event, known as First Friday Art, showcases the vibrant arts community in downtown Phoenix, attracting thousands of attendees.

Artists may be positioned within the bustling Roosevelt Row Arts District, famed for its galleries, murals, and public art. This district and the Grand Avenue Arts District form the heartbeat of the city’s art scene. Such an engaging platform not only offers artists a chance to participate in a Juried Exhibition but also to align their work with the prestige of an Art Museum.

Fees and Costs

Remarkably, the Phoenix Art Walk champions inclusivity and diversity in the arts by eliminating all fees and costs for participating artists. It provides a financially accessible platform for showcasing their work to a diverse audience in a vibrant urban setting.

By eradicating these costs, the event becomes accessible to a broad range of artists, allowing them to exhibit their talents without the financial burden that often comes with such opportunities. This initiative not only aids in fostering a thriving local arts community but also breaks down barriers that may discourage artists from showcasing their work.


The sidewalks start filling up by 7 p.m., hitting full stride by 8 p.m., with some venues extending past the official end time. Artists and art lovers can explore the vibrant Roosevelt Row Arts District and the eclectic Grand Avenue Arts District, both bursting with galleries, studios, and public art.

Parking for the Artwalk in Phoenix is convenient and easily accessible, with numerous parking garages and lots scattered throughout the downtown area. Visitors can park their vehicles in designated parking areas and then explore the vibrant art scene on foot.

Promotion and Marketing

The Phoenix Office of Arts collaborates with the Phoenix Urban Guide and Visit Phoenix to elevate the event’s visibility.

A blend of online marketing and word-of-mouth ensures that information about the art walks reaches a wide audience. Artists gain valuable exposure, and attendees enjoy an engaging atmosphere.

The consistent increase in visitors is a testament to the effectiveness of these promotional efforts. This marketing strategy not only supports local artists but also contributes to the cultural vibrancy of Phoenix, making the city a burgeoning hub for the arts.

Artist Collaboration Possibilities

Beyond individual exposure, the Phoenix Art Walk also presents a unique platform for artists to collaborate with local businesses, fostering a dynamic fusion of art and commerce.

Within the vibrant City of Phoenix, this annual Art event provides artists with collaborative opportunities to create site-specific installations, murals, or interactive art pieces that resonate with the local community. It’s a chance to transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary artistic landscapes.

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