Russellville Art Walk

As you enter the charming town of Russellville, Arkansas, you are immediately captivated by its warm, inviting atmosphere that seems to whisper inspiration at every turn. The picturesque landscapes, with their rolling hills and lush forests, beckon you to capture their beauty on canvas.

The vibrant art scene in Russellville, with its galleries showcasing local talent and creative workshops fostering a sense of community, welcomes you with open arms. The historic architecture and quaint streets lined with eclectic shops and cafes provide endless artistic exploration and expression opportunities.

The Russellville Art Walk in Arkansas is an event that offers the chance to expose your work to a diverse and engaged audience, build connections within the artistic community, and experience the joy of contributing to the flourishing local art scene.

Contact Information
Event ScheduleThree times a year (Mar, Jun and Sep)
Fees for ArtistsFree of charge
Email Address[email protected]

Exploring Russellville’s Artistic Showcase

The Russellville Downtown Art Walk is a vibrant and engaging event showcasing local artists’ creativity and talent in the heart of downtown Russellville. This tri-annual event transforms the streets into a colorful gallery featuring diverse artwork, including paintings, sculptures, photography, and more.

Visitors can stroll through the historic downtown area, exploring exhibits and interacting with the artists. The Art Walk provides a platform for artists to share their work with the community and fosters a sense of cultural appreciation and connection among attendees. It is a celebration of creativity and community spirit that brings people together to enjoy the beauty and diversity of artistic expression.

Opportunity for Artists

Building on the vibrant artistic experience, Russellville Downtown Art Walk presents a golden opportunity for Arkansas artists to showcase their work and engage with art enthusiasts and the local community.

This platform provides a unique space for creative expression, allowing artists to display their work free of charge, with the option to sell without sales commission.

How to Participate

To apply, check the website for details. Applications are Free of Charge.

The artist selection process is straightforward. A committee reviews applications, and chosen artists are provided a free exhibit opportunity.

Venue Information

Russellville is a charming town located in the heart of the Arkansas River Valley. With a population of approximately 29,000 residents, Russellville offers a vibrant community with a mix of small-town charm and modern amenities.

The town is home to Arkansas Tech University, which brings a youthful energy to the area. Russellville boasts a rich history, with historic buildings and landmarks scattered throughout the town. Visitors can explore the historic downtown area, lined with unique shops, restaurants, and art galleries.

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