DTLA Art Night

DTLA Art Night is a thriving cultural gathering and art walk held on the first Thursday of every month in Downtown Los Angeles. This mesmerizing event offers a unique opportunity for artists to showcase their work in a curated format and connect with a diverse audience. With over 25 participating galleries, ArtNight allows emerging artists to exhibit their talent alongside established names in the art world.

Unlike traditional Los Angeles Art Walks, DTLA ArtNight is not solely focused on showcasing galleries or established artists. Instead, it aims to be an inclusive and diverse art platform that welcomes artists from all walks of life, irrespective of their experience or background. The event fosters a community-driven atmosphere that encourages exploration and engagement with the arts.

One of the highlights of DTLA ArtNight is the Emerging Artist Gallery, which allows emerging artists to display their artwork and keep 100% of the sales. This unique feature sets it apart from other art walks and provides a valuable platform for emerging talent to gain exposure and build their artistic careers.

If you’re an artist looking to showcase your work in a dynamic and vibrant setting, DTLA ArtNight is the place to be. Join this ever-evolving art walk to connect with a wider audience, build your resume, and immerse yourself in the pulsating energy of the LA art scene.

Contact Information

DTLA Art Walk InformationDetails
Website Linkdtlaartnight.com
When Art Walk takes placeFirst Thursday of every month
Email Address[email protected]

The DTLA Art Walk Experience

The DTLA ArtNight experience is a mesmerizing journey through the vibrant world of art, culture, and creativity. As visitors embark on a walking tour of the participating galleries in Downtown Los Angeles, they are treated to a feast for the senses.

The air is alive with anticipation as they discover new exhibitions, immerse themselves in diverse artistic expressions, and engage in captivating conversations with artists and fellow art enthusiasts. From thought-provoking installations to captivating paintings, sculptures, and multimedia creations, the ArtNight experience offers a kaleidoscope of artistic styles and mediums.

The bustling energy, the eclectic mix of artists, and the palpable sense of community create an unforgettable atmosphere that ignites inspiration and leaves a lasting impression on all who attend.

Opportunity for Artists

DTLA ArtNight offers aspiring artists many opportunities to showcase their talent and connect directly with the public.

One of the most exciting aspects is the Emerging Artist Gallery, where artists can display their artwork and have the chance to sell their pieces directly to art enthusiasts and collectors. This provides a valuable platform for emerging artists to gain exposure, generate income, and establish themselves within the art community.

By participating in DTLA ArtNight, artists can engage with a diverse audience, receive feedback on their work, and potentially forge relationships with potential buyers, galleries, or other artists. This artistic gathering offers a space for creative expression and serves as a stepping stone for artists to launch their careers and gain recognition in the art world.

How to Participate

Artists have several options to participate in DTLA ArtNight. They can submit their artwork to be considered for inclusion in the Emerging Artist Gallery, where they have the opportunity to showcase their work alongside other talented artists.

If accepted, artists can sell their artwork directly to the public and retain 100% of the sales. This provides a fantastic platform for emerging artists to gain exposure and potentially make sales that can support their artistic endeavors.

Additionally, artists can explore other avenues to participate in DTLA ArtNight, such as collaborating with galleries or participating in group exhibitions. This allows artists to showcase their work within established gallery spaces and reach a wider audience.

Venue Information

DTLA ArtNight takes place in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, specifically in the Historic Core. This vibrant and culturally rich neighborhood is the backdrop for the art walk, creating an atmosphere brimming with creativity and artistic energy. The area is known for its iconic architecture, with a mix of historic buildings and modern structures that provide a unique setting for the event.

Beyond the galleries, the surrounding streets are alive with activity during DTLA ArtNight. Restaurants, cafes, and bars spill onto the sidewalks, providing a vibrant backdrop for conversations and networking. The bustle of the city, coupled with the artistic atmosphere, creates a sense of excitement and adventure as attendees navigate through the various venues and explore the artistic offerings.

Fees and Costs

The fees and costs associated with participating in DTLA ArtNight vary depending on the specific involvement.

For artists looking to showcase their artwork in the Emerging Artist Gallery, there is a registration fee of $35. Hanging fees are based on the artwork’s dimensions, including the frame. The fees range from $25 per item for artwork measuring less than 72″/6′ to $75 for artwork measuring between 180″/16′ and 360″/30′. The fees for larger artwork are determined on a case-by-case basis.

As for licensing, it is recommended that artists and galleries consult with the organizers of DTLA ArtNight or seek guidance from local authorities to determine any licensing requirements. Complying with licensing regulations helps ensure a smooth and successful participation in the event while maintaining the integrity of the art community.


Getting to DTLA ArtNight and setting up for participation is relatively straightforward. Attendees can utilize various transportation options, including public transit, ride-sharing services, or personal vehicles. The area is well-connected and accessible, making it convenient for artists and visitors to reach the event location.

Upon arriving at the designated gallery or exhibition space, event staff will guide participating artists on the setup process and provide the necessary assistance to showcase their artwork effectively. Artists can arrange their pieces in curated formats, ensuring a visually engaging presentation that highlights their talent.

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