Cheesman Park

The Cheesman Park Art Festival is a highly regarded annual event in Denver, Colorado. It features a curated selection of 150 juried fine artists and craftsmen nationwide, ensuring a high-quality display of diverse artistic mediums.

Artists can expect a relaxed and charming atmosphere and ample opportunities for interaction and sales with enthusiastic art enthusiasts.

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Contact Information
When:Yearly in July
email:[email protected]

About the Festival

The Cheesman Park Art Festival has earned a reputation for its exceptional offerings and unique setting. Organized by Dash Events in association with Rio Grande Festivals, it has become a beloved tradition in the Denver arts scene. With its charming location in historic Cheesman Park, the festival provides a one-of-a-kind backdrop for artists and attendees alike.

This art festival has gained significant recognition, receiving accolades and press coverage from prominent publications. Sunshine Artist Magazine, a leading art and craft show industry publication, has ranked the festival among its “200 Best List” since 2014. It holds an impressive current ranking of #62 in the Fine Art category.

What sets the Cheesman Park Art Festival apart is its impressive lineup of artists and its commitment to fostering a vibrant and engaging atmosphere. The festival features live jazz music beneath the century-old trees, creating a relaxing ambiance for attendees.

Denver’s local food trucks are also on hand to tantalize taste buds with a curated mix of delicious treats. The festival showcases handmade, American-made works of art and craft, ensuring high quality and authenticity.

The Cheesman Park Art Festival is a must-visit event for those seeking a personalized content experience and a taste of Denver’s vibrant art scene.

Venue Information

Denver, Colorado, is a vibrant city nestled in the picturesque Rocky Mountains landscape. Due to its elevation, Denver is known as the Mile High City. The city offers a unique blend of natural beauty, outdoor recreation, and a thriving arts and culture scene. It attracts visitors worldwide with its sunny climate, stunning mountain views, and friendly atmosphere.

The Cheesman Park Art Festival takes place in the heart of Denver, adding to the city’s cultural tapestry. The festival is held in Cheesman Park, a historic 80-acre greenspace that offers a serene escape from the urban hustle and bustle.

The park’s location is highly coveted. It is situated at the convergence of three highly walkable neighborhoods and the renowned Botanic Gardens. Its central position ensures easy accessibility and allows visitors to explore nearby attractions and dining options.

Denver is a dynamic city where old meets new. Its commitment to the arts is evident in its numerous galleries, theaters, and museums, making it a haven for creative minds.

Artist Opportunities

Opportunity for Artists

With a large attendance, the festival provides a large and diverse audience of art enthusiasts to showcase their creations. This significant footfall ensures heightened exposure and increased sales potential for participating artists.

The festival’s reputation and track record of success make it an attractive platform for artists seeking revenue. Sunshine Artist Magazine has consistently recognized the festival as one of the “200 Best List” shows. Artists can tap into this dedicated audience and capitalize on the strong buying energy that the festival consistently attracts.

Securing a booth spot at the Cheesman Park Art Festival is highly competitive due to its reputation and limited availability. As a juried event, the festival ensures a curated selection of high quality, handmade art and craft. Artists are encouraged to apply early and submit their work for consideration.

How to Participate

The festival showcases high-quality, handmade art and craft, ensuring a curated selection of artists and their works. All artwork must be original, created by the applying artist, and conform to the festival’s standards of excellence.

The festival accepts applications from artists working in various mediums, including but not limited to painting, sculpture, photography, ceramics, jewelry, and mixed media. Commercially reproduced items or mass-produced works are not permitted. Artists are encouraged to submit an application that showcases their unique artistic style and craftsmanship.

The application process involves completing an online application form, providing a portfolio of artwork images, and paying the required jury fee. The festival organizers carefully review all applications and select artists based on their work’s quality, originality, and diversity.

Fees and Costs

The festival requires a jury fee of $35, which is non-refundable and covers the administrative expenses associated with the jury selection process.

In 2024, the cost of a 10×10 booth space started at $545. Booth prices vary depending on booth size, location, and other factors. Artists should review the festival’s official website or contact the organizers for the most up-to-date pricing information.

Regarding permits and insurance, artists are responsible for securing any necessary permits or licenses for their participation. Insurance coverage is generally recommended, although specific details and requirements may vary.

Artists should consult with the festival organizers or seek professional guidance to ensure compliance with any legal or insurance obligations.


Parking and Setup Logistics

The Cheesman Park Art Festival provides convenient access and timing for booth setup and parking availability for participating artists. On the designated setup day, typically Friday, artists can unload their vehicles and set up their booths. The festival is organized in waves, allowing artists to choose their preferred time slot.

Artist parking options include street parking along the north lane of 8th Avenue. Additionally, the festival encourages alternative modes of transportation such as walking, biking, running, or carpooling.

Bike racks with free bike parking are provided for those who cycle to the festival. The festival’s location near RTD transportation routes ensures easy accessibility for artists and attendees using public transportation.

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