Artwalk Liberty Station

ArtWalk Liberty Station is an annual fine art festival that provides artists with a unique and exciting opportunity to showcase and sell their artwork. Held in the Arts District at Liberty Station in San Diego, this renowned event attracts over 20,000 attendees yearly. It offers various artistic mediums, including paintings, photography, glass and ceramic art, jewelry, and sculpture.

The festival is organized by ArtWalk San Diego, an organization dedicated to promoting the arts in the city. It provides artists with an aggressive marketing and public relations program, ensuring maximum exposure and potential sales. With its beautiful outdoor setting, ample free parking, and supportive environment, ArtWalk Liberty Station is ideal for artists looking to connect with collectors and enthusiasts.

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Contact Information
WhenAnnually in August
Email Address[email protected]
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Event Highlights

ArtWalk Liberty Station is an artist’s dream come true. With over 175 talented artists from various states and Mexico, the festival offers diverse artistic mediums to inspire and captivate artists and art enthusiasts. The festival celebrates local and international talent, providing artists with a unique platform to showcase their work and connect with potential buyers.

One of the highlights of ArtWalk Liberty Station is the beautiful outdoor setting in the Arts District at Liberty Station. The lush lawn, stunning water features, and ample free parking create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere for artists and attendees.

The festival also boasts an aggressive marketing and public relations program, ensuring that artists receive maximum exposure and potential sales. Additionally, participating artists can engage with the vibrant arts community, connect with fellow artists, and gain recognition within the art world.

Venue Information

ArtWalk Liberty Station takes place in the beautiful Arts District at Liberty Station in San Diego, California. This vibrant location has become a prominent arts and culture destination, offering a variety of museums, dining options, and entertainment venues.

The festival is held in Ingram Plaza, which features a lush lawn and stunning water features, providing a picturesque backdrop for artists and attendees alike. The area is known for its inviting outdoor setting and ample free parking, making it easily accessible to locals and visitors. With its charming atmosphere and cultural diversity, the Arts District at Liberty Station sets the stage for an immersive and enjoyable art experience during ArtWalk Liberty Station.

opportunity for artists

Opportunity for Artists

ArtWalk Liberty Station allows artists to immerse themselves in a vibrant arts community and engage with a diverse audience of local and international art enthusiasts. As a participating artist, you can showcase your talent, sell your artwork directly to the public, and gain recognition within the art world.

The festival’s well-organized layout and supportive staff make for a seamless and enjoyable experience. Participating artists can create a unique booth display, providing a personalized and captivating showcase. Artists are encouraged to bring their professional display tent, allowing them to create a designated space that reflects their artistic style and vision.

In addition to the artistic freedom, ArtWalk Liberty Station provides extensive marketing and publicity support to promote the artists and their work. The festival’s aggressive marketing campaign includes local, regional, and national publicity, print and broadcast advertising, and a strong social media presence.

This exposure helps attract a large and diverse audience, including local art collectors and visitors vacationing in San Diego. Furthermore, artists can connect with potential buyers directly during the festival’s Preview Party, a ticketed VIP reception.

How to Participate

Artists have several options to participate in ArtWalk Liberty Station. They can apply as individual artists, securing their booth space to showcase and sell their artwork to the public. Artists are encouraged to bring their white, professional display tent and create a visually appealing booth.

Another option is for artists to apply as part of a group. Established, permanent artist groups can participate together and will be assigned a booth space based on their group size. This allows artists to showcase their work collectively and potentially draw more attention to their booth.

As a juried event, the competition to participate in ArtWalk Liberty Station can be competitive as the festival attracts many applications each year. The selection committee reviews applications based on artistic criteria, including the quality and originality of the artwork.

The jury strongly emphasizes the quality of the booth display, so artists are encouraged to submit high-quality booth photos that accurately represent their display. However, even with the competitive nature of the event, there is still a chance for artists to be selected and showcase their artwork to a wide and diverse audience.

fees and costs

Fees and Costs

There is an application fee to apply for ArtWalk Liberty Station. The specific fee amount may vary from year to year and is determined by the event organizers. The application fee helps cover the administrative costs of reviewing and processing artist applications. It is important to note that the application fee is separate from any booth or exhibition fees required if the artist is accepted to participate in the event.

If selected, artists are responsible for booth costs. These costs are based on the size of the booth space chosen, ranging from 10′ x 10′ to more extensive options like 10′ x 20′ or 20′ x 20′. Artists can bring their own white, professional display tent or rent a tent provided by ArtWalk for an additional fee.

A San Diego City Business License is necessary for artists conducting business in the city for six or more days. Additionally, artists must have a California Seller’s Permit to file and pay the State of California Sales and Use Tax. Liability insurance is another important requirement for all participating artists. It is necessary to have liability insurance and list Art for People, the City of San Diego, and the Arts District Liberty Station as entities on the insurance policy.

Parking and Setup Logistics

ArtWalk Liberty Station provides participating artists access to set up before the start of the festival. Artists are typically allowed to begin installing their displays on Friday morning before the festival’s Preview Party, which takes place in the afternoon. The festival management coordinates the setup process and provides helpful volunteers and handcarts to assist artists in moving their artwork from their vehicles to their designated spaces.

As for parking, ample free parking is available adjacent to the venue. The event organizers ensure artists have convenient parking options near the festival grounds, allowing easy access to unload and set up their booths. The availability of parking spaces makes it convenient for artists to transport their artwork and supplies to their designated spaces without any hassles.

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