Gilbert Art Walk

The Gilbert Art Walk in downtown Gilbert, Arizona, offers artists a special opportunity to showcase various talents and connect with a lively community.

The event’s inclusive jury process allows emerging artists to display their work. Its prime location at the Water Tower Plaza creates a welcoming atmosphere that draws in locals and tourists, extending artists’ reach.

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Contact Information

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WebsiteGilbert Art Walk
When Artwalk Takes PlaceEvery Saturday
Email Address[email protected]
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Arizona Art Events

Arizona Art Events

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Introduction to Gilbert Artwalk

Nestled in the heart of downtown Gilbert, AZ, the Gilbert Art Walk offers a family-friendly and pet-friendly atmosphere, brimming with diverse and captivating visual art displays, live music, and various other creative expressions.

Set in the picturesque Water Tower Plaza, this vibrant arts event, free to the public, showcases a variety of handmade, juried artwork. Managed by Timelessbuttons, LLC, under the leadership of Cheri Montgomery, the art walk proudly supports local artisans.

Each art show presents new artists, offering a fresh experience with every visit. Awarded the 2017 Best Visual Arts Venue in the East Valley Tribune Best of Gilbert, the Gilbert Art Walk continues to enrich the Arizona arts scene, offering an engaging experience for art lovers of all ages.

Visitor Numbers

The number of visitors expected at Gilbert Art Walk each Saturday can vary depending on various factors, including weather conditions, time of year, and other events happening in the area. However, as an established and popular event in downtown Gilbert, it typically attracts many visitors.

On average, you can expect a steady flow of attendees throughout the day, ranging from residents and art enthusiasts to tourists and families. The concurrent Gilbert Farmers Market across the street also helps attract a larger crowd. Overall, Gilbert Art Walk provides a bustling atmosphere that allows artists to showcase and sell their artwork to a diverse and engaged audience.

Opportunity for Artists

Opportunity for Artists

Participating in the Gilbert Art Walk offers many exciting opportunities for artists. Firstly, it provides a platform to showcase your artwork and gain exposure to a diverse and engaged audience.

The Art Walk attracts enthusiasts, collectors, and potential buyers eager to discover and support local artists. This exposure can lead to increased sales and commissions and potential collaborations and networking opportunities within the art community.

Furthermore, the Gilbert Art Walk fosters a sense of community among artists. Participating in this event allows you to connect with fellow artists, share ideas, and learn from one another. This collaborative atmosphere allows for the exchange of artistic techniques and inspiration, leading to personal and artistic growth.

It also provides a space for artists to receive feedback and recognition for their work, which can be invaluable for professional development. Overall, the opportunities available at Gilbert Art Walk are abundant, making it a worthwhile experience for artists at any stage of their career.

How to Participate

To apply to sell your art at Gilbert Art Walk, you will need to follow a few simple steps. First, visit the Gilbert Art Walk website and navigate to the “Artists Jury App” page. Fill out the application form, which will require you to provide basic information about yourself and your artwork. There is also a $25 non-refundable jury fee for new artists.

Along with the application, you will be asked to attach four small JPG images of your artwork, which should represent the pieces you intend to sell at the event. Include one booth image to give the organizers an idea of your display setup. The total file size for each image should be less than 1.8 MB.

In the comments section of the application, include a brief artist statement or biography of 200 words or less. This is your opportunity to describe your artistic technique, materials used, and the creative processes involved in your artwork.

After submitting your application, the Gilbert Art Walk team will review it, and you will be notified of their decision. If accepted, you can purchase a space for the dates you want to participate in by registering on the Artist Map page of the website. Make sure to register for each event at least one week before securing your participation.

The application process is straightforward, and the Gilbert Art Walk team strives to create a diverse and vibrant art community. Good luck with your application, and we hope to see you showcasing and selling your art at Gilbert Art Walk soon!

Venue Information

Downtown Gilbert, Arizona, is a vibrant and eclectic hub that offers endless inspiration for artists. The charming streets are lined with historic buildings, colorful murals, and unique shops that can be captured on canvas.

The bustling farmers market and lively events bring a sense of community and creativity to the area, making it a perfect spot for artists to connect and draw inspiration from the energy of the crowds. The warm desert sun bathes the streets in a golden light, casting intriguing shadows and creating a picturesque backdrop for any artistic endeavor.

From the quaint cafes to the local art galleries, downtown Gilbert is a treasure trove of artistic opportunities waiting to be explored and immortalized through the eyes of an artist.

The Art Walk is a family and pet-friendly event, enhanced by live music, attracting locals and tourists alike. With its free admission, this artistic gathering is a must-visit for art aficionados and those seeking to immerse themselves in the cultural heartbeat of Gilbert, Arizona.


Fees and Costs

The event charges a fee of $85 for a 10’x10′ space, which provides you with a designated area to display and sell your artwork. Alternatively, if you prefer a smaller setup, you can opt for a table space with two tables for $75 or a single table space for $65 (without covering).

It’s important to note that a non-refundable jury fee of $25 is also for new artists applying to participate. Additionally, artists are responsible for obtaining an Annual Town of Gilbert License, which costs $15 for non-resident/transient business or $55 for a yearly license if they plan on participating in multiple Gilbert events.

While fees and costs are associated with participating in the Gilbert Art Walk, the event provides artists with an excellent opportunity to showcase and sell their artwork to a wide audience. The fees help support the organization and ensure a well-organized and artist-friendly environment for all participants.


Located in the vibrant setting of Water Tower Plaza in downtown Gilbert, Arizona, the Gilbert Art Walk is a well-curated, family-friendly event that presents a diverse range of art mediums to the public.

Gilbert’s commitment to accessibility ensures that visitors of all abilities can enjoy the art walk, with designated accessible parking spaces and pathways that cater to those with mobility challenges. Additionally, the town’s efforts to promote alternative transportation options, such as biking or public transit, further enhance the accessibility of the art walk, making it a welcoming and inclusive destination for all art enthusiasts.

The event is free for the public, providing an excellent platform for artists to reach a diverse audience.

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