Alabama Art Events

A Creative Journey Through the Heart of Dixie

Alabama’s vibrant art scene unfolds on the streets of its cities and towns through the communal celebration known as art walks. Alabama art events turn sidewalks into galleries, open-air markets into performance spaces, and quiet evenings into festivals of human creativity.

In places like Birmingham, Mobile, and Huntsville, artists and art lovers gather to celebrate visual storytelling’s power and the community’s cultural heartbeat. Alabama Art Walks are as diverse as the state itself, ranging from downtown Birmingham’s historic architecture to Fairhope’s charming avenues.

They offer artists a canvas under the open sky, where their work can be shared with a broader audience, fostering a connection between creators and the community. Each city’s art walk, unique in its offerings and atmosphere, contributes to the rich tapestry of Alabama’s cultural landscape, making it an enriching destination for artists looking to share their work with the world.

Art EventMonth
Birmingham ArtwalkSeptember
Fairhope Arts and Crafts FestivalMarch
Fairhope Art Walk1st Friday, Monthly
Huntsville Art Walk2nd Friday, May to October
Kentuck Festival of ArtsOctober
Mobile Art WalkS2nd Friday, Monthly
Montevallo Art WalkOctober
Auburn Art WalkJune

Birmingham Artwalk

Birmingham Art Walk

Birmingham Art Walk

The Birmingham Art Walk is an expansive showcase platform for artists. This Alabama Art Walk event, featuring over 80 visual artists from various genres, allows artists to display their work to a diverse audience, facilitates potential sales, and fosters community…

The Birmingham Artwalk transforms the city’s downtown into an arts district, featuring the work of over 80+ visual artists. It’s a two-day arts festival held annually, free to the public and has drawn more than 8,000 visitors in the past. With live musicians, street performers, and children’s activities, this event caters to art lovers of all ages​​.

Fairhope Arts and Crafts Festival

Fairhope Arts and Crafts Festival

Fairhope Arts and Crafts Festival

The Fairhope Arts and Crafts Festival, held annually in Fairhope, Alabama, is a highly esteemed event showcasing artists’ talents across the United States. With over 72 years of history, this festival has become one of the premier art shows in…

The Fairhope Arts and Crafts Festival in Fairhope, Alabama, is a prestigious event that offers artists a prime platform to showcase and sell their work. With its high attendance figures, diverse mediums, and reputation as one of the top art festivals in the nation, artists have an exceptional opportunity to connect with a broad and enthusiastic audience.

The festival provides a supportive and vibrant atmosphere conducive to networking and collaboration, allowing artists to gain exposure and make valuable connections within the art community. From established artists looking to strengthen their brand to emerging artists seeking visibility, the Fairhope Arts and Crafts Festival offers a dynamic and inspiring environment for artists to thrive.

Fairhope Art Walk

Fairhope Art Walk

Fairhope Art Walk

The Fairhope Art Walk is a beloved community event showcasing local artists’ creativity and talent. Visitors can stroll through the charming streets of Fairhope, browsing a wide variety of artwork, including paintings, sculptures, jewelry, pottery, and more. The city is…

The First Friday Art Walk in Fairhope is a monthly event where the streets come alive with people enjoying the town’s rich artistic offerings. It’s a perfect time for visitors to explore the variety of galleries and meet the artists​​.

Huntsville Art Walk

Discover the charm of Downtown Huntsville at Courthouse Square, where the monthly Art Walk, presented by United Community Bank, awaits you. Every second Friday, the square buzzes from 5 to 8 PM from May to October with over 50 local vendors showcasing their art and crafts.

This family-friendly event offers an open entertainment district, perfect for an evening stroll and enjoying the company of fellow art enthusiasts and adorable pups. The Greater Huntsville Humane Society joins as the official charity partner, featuring adoptable pets searching for homes.

Artists looking to participate can quickly get involved by reaching out via email. Attendance is free, inviting everyone to experience the community’s creativity. The Facebook Event Page is your go-to resource for vendor updates and details.

Kentuck Festival of Arts

Kentuck Art Festival

Kentuck Art Festival

The Kentuck Festival of the Arts is a highly acclaimed and long-standing festival that celebrates creativity and showcases various artistic styles. With its 52-year history, this festival has become a nationally recognized hub for artists and art enthusiasts. From folk…

This prestigious event in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, attracts thousands of art enthusiasts annually. With its 52-year history and diverse artistic styles, the festival offers artists a prime opportunity to connect with a broad audience and gain recognition.

Artists can showcase their work alongside over 250 talented individuals, creating a vibrant marketplace. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this renowned event and experience the warm Southern hospitality that makes it a standout among art festivals.

Mobile Art Walk

Mobile Art Walk (LoDa)

Mobile Art Walk (LoDa)

The Mobile Art Walk, an eminent cultural event in Alabama, offers an unparalleled platform for artists to gain exposure and engage with a diverse audience. Held monthly in the Lower Dauphin Arts District, the rich blend of visual, performing, and…

Mobile’s LoDa ArtWalk occurs on the second Friday of every month, showcasing a mix of unique, handmade items from emerging and established artists. It’s a fantastic opportunity for artists to exhibit and sell their works in the heart of Mobile’s Lower Dauphin Arts District​​.

Montevallo Art Walk

The Montevallo Artwalk is an annual community event in late October celebrating art, food, and entertainment in Montevallo’s downtown area. It’s a collaborative effort between the City of Montevallo, the Montevallo Arts Collaborative, and the University of Montevallo.

The Artwalk features a variety of art displayed by local businesses and is known for its lively street party atmosphere, complete with performances and hands-on activities. The event promotes local businesses, attracts university students, and unites the community. It began in 2011 and has since become an important cultural event, with the Halloween-inspired Art Stalk being a highlight.

Auburn Art Walk

The SummerNight Downtown Art Walk in Auburn is a vibrant arts festival that beckons local and regional artists to showcase their talent in the heart of downtown.

Organized by key partners like the City of Auburn and the Jan Dempsey Community Arts Center, this annual event offers a prime opportunity for artists to gain exposure and connect with a diverse audience. With a focus on promoting the richness of the local arts scene, the Art Walk transforms the city into a dynamic arts district, inviting artists to display their works and engage with a community passionate about creativity.

Beyond the artistic showcase, the event’s collaboration with downtown merchants and restaurants creates a vibrant tapestry that enhances the overall experience for participating artists. The lively atmosphere that permeates the streets during the Art Walk provides a unique platform for artists to sell their creations and interact with a broad range of art enthusiasts.

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