Mobile Art Walk (LoDa)

The Mobile Art Walk, an eminent cultural event in Alabama, offers an unparalleled platform for artists to gain exposure and engage with a diverse audience. Held monthly in the Lower Dauphin Arts District, the rich blend of visual, performing, and culinary arts sparks an infectious creative energy.

With Dauphin Street transformed into an open-air gallery, artists can demonstrate their creative prowess while simultaneously immersing themselves in the local arts scene.

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Contact Information

Contact InformationMobile Art Walk
Website LinkMobile Art Walk
Event TimeSecond Friday of every month from 6 to 9 p.m.
Artist Fees[Insert Fee Details]
Email Address[email protected]
Facebook Page LinkLODA Art Walk
Instagram Page Linklodaartwalk

Exploring Mobile’s Artistic Event

The Mobile Art Walk, a vibrant event nestled in the heart of Alabama, provides a dynamic platform for artists to display a diverse array of visual, performing, and culinary arts within the bustling environment of downtown Mobile.

Part of the Alabama Art scene, this monthly event takes place on the second Friday from 6 to 9 p.m. in the Lower Dauphin Arts District, attracting thousands of visitors downtown. It’s a joyous, family-friendly affair where participants can explore local art galleries, institutions, studios, and shops.

The Mobile Art Walk is a collaborative effort of the Mobile Parks & Recreations Department, Mobile Arts Council, and downtown partners, aiming to showcase local talent and support local businesses.

Opportunity for Artists

Opportunity for Artists

Providing a robust platform for local talent, the Mobile Art Walk in Alabama offers artists a unique opportunity to showcase their work to a diverse audience, engage in community networking, and sell their creations directly to event attendees. The event encourages community support for local artists by promoting the purchase of their artwork, thus providing a lucrative platform for them.

Furthermore, artists can leverage the power of social media promoted by the event to gain wider exposure for their work. By fostering a vibrant network of creatives and art enthusiasts, the Mobile Art Walk plays a pivotal role in championing local talent and strengthening the community’s appreciation for the arts.

This makes it a golden opportunity for artists seeking to promote their work and expand their reach.

How to Apply

You must meet certain criteria to be accepted as an artist vendor at the Mobile ArtWalk. First and foremost, only artists exhibiting original artwork and artisan work will be considered for acceptance. Prints of the artist’s original paintings or drawings can also be displayed and sold.

To apply for a spot at ArtWalk, you must fill out the application form on our website. The application process includes a non-refundable, one-time $50 application fee for all new applicants.

It is essential to carefully read the Arts & Crafts Market Guidelines before submitting your application to ensure you meet all licensing requirements. After submitting your application, the market committee will review and process it for approval.

Applications received less than three weeks before the closest ArtWalk will not be considered for that month’s event. Therefore, applying at least one month before the scheduled event is recommended. Results will be communicated via email, and we request that applicants refrain from contacting our staff regarding the status.

Venue Information

The Lower Dauphin District, known as LoDa, in Mobile, Alabama, is a historic district that has been recognized since 1979. From Water Street to Jefferson Street over 551 acres, it features 736 contributing buildings, showcasing architectural diversity from Federal and Greek Revival to Queen Anne and Italianate designs.

LoDa is a cultural hub, housing the Saenger Theatre and art galleries like Sophiella Art Gallery, Alabama Contemporary Arts Center, and the Mobile Arts Council. The district also hosts the monthly LoDa Artwalk, a celebration of local artists.

A key criterion for venues is to showcase various arts-related events that are free and open to the public. The Mobile Art Walk supports local artists and downtown businesses, providing a unique opportunity to showcase arts and culture. With this free event, local artists get a chance to share their talent, thus enriching and invigorating the cultural essence of the area.

Fees and Costs

The fees associated with participating in ArtWalk include an application fee and a set up fee for each event. The application fee is a one-time, non-refundable fee of $50 for new applicants. This fee is required to process and review your application.

The setup fee, on the other hand, is specific to each event and is separate from the application fee. It can be paid online through the registration form or in person with cash, check, or credit card.

It’s important to note that all vendors, including those setting up inside venues, must purchase a Peddler’s License from the Downtown Revenue Department to sell their products downtown legally. This license must be obtained before participating as a vendor at ArtWalk.

You will need to complete the standard business license application online and wait for a representative from the Revenue Department to contact you and issue the proper licensing. It’s important to allow up to a week for the licensing process to be completed, so it’s recommended that you apply well in advance.


Once your application is approved and you have obtained the necessary Peddler’s License, you can register for each ArtWalk event by the deadline. This ensures that you will be included in the event graphics and allows you to reserve a space for your booth. Registration can typically be done online, but in-person registration may also be an option.

During ArtWalk, you will be assigned a 10×10 booth space, which you are responsible for setting up. You should arrive between 4:30 – 6 p.m. to check in with the designated ArtWalk coordinator and receive your identification marker. It’s important to complete your setup by 6 p.m. Any artists who check in after this time may not be allowed to set up.

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