Santa Clara Art And Wine Festival

The Santa Clara Art and Wine Festival is a highly anticipated event in the art community, attracting over 50,000 guests each year. Held in the beautiful Central Park, this two-day festival showcases the work of 170 talented artists and craftspeople.

The festival offers a diverse range of mediums, ensuring there is something for everyone. Additionally, the proceeds from the festival benefit local charities, allowing artists to contribute to the community while showcasing their talent.

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Contact Information
When:Yearly in September
email:[email protected]

About the Santa Clara Art And Wine Festival

The festival is an annual event that has become a beloved tradition in the Santa Clara community. With a history of over four decades, this festival has grown in popularity, attracting tens of thousands of visitors each year.

Located in the scenic Central Park, festival-goers can stroll along winding paths surrounded by beautiful wisteria vines, creating a picturesque atmosphere that sets the stage for a weekend of art and entertainment.

The Santa Clara Art and Wine Festival’s commitment to showcasing and supporting local artists sets it apart. The festival features 170 artist and crafts booths, offering a wide array of handmade arts and crafts, all created with original designs and a focus on quality and creativity.

This dedication to promoting the work of local artists has not gone unnoticed, as the festival receives extensive press coverage, including articles in local newspapers and announcements on radio and TV.

The festival’s popularity grows yearly, with attendance exceeding 50,000 guests. This high turnout is a testament to the festival’s reputation for excellence, drawing art enthusiasts and visitors from near and far. For artists and attendees alike, the Santa Clara Art and Wine Festival offers a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in celebrating art, creativity, and community.

Venue Information

With its vibrant arts scene and supportive community, Santa Clara offers many artist opportunities. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, this city provides a fertile ground for creativity and innovation.

Artists in Santa Clara benefit from a diverse cultural landscape, with numerous galleries, art studios, and creative spaces to explore and showcase their work. The city’s commitment to the arts is evident in its various public art installations, community art programs, and annual events like the Santa Clara Art and Wine Festival.

The Santa Clara Art and Wine Festival is in the city’s treasured Central Park. Situated at the intersection of Homestead Road and Benton Street, this expansive park provides a picturesque setting for the festival. Attendees can meander along the park’s winding pathways, surrounded by serene landscapes and charming wisteria vines.

The festival’s layout carefully places 170 artists and crafts booths throughout the park, ensuring a harmonious integration of art and nature. This location allows artists to showcase their creations amidst a backdrop of natural beauty, creating a delightful experience for artists and festival-goers.

artists opportunity

Opportunity for Artists

The festival, attracting over 50,000 visitors annually, offers artists an excellent opportunity to present their creations to a diverse and enthusiastic art-loving crowd, promising significant sales potential as attendees are keen to explore and purchase unique artworks.

The event features 170 artist and crafts booths and a competitive opportunity due to the limited spots available, yet the jury selection process ensures a wide representation of mediums and styles. This large attendance, the festival’s reputation for quality, and its effective publicity draw art enthusiasts and collectors ready to buy unique and handcrafted pieces.

Artists participating can tap into a substantial customer base, making considerable sales during the event thanks to the supportive community and the festival’s status as a premier art event. The Santa Clara Art and Wine Festival thus stands out as a valuable venue for artists to display their work, connect with buyers, and significantly boost their revenue in a welcoming environment of art lovers and patrons.

How to Participate

To apply, artists must adhere to specific guidelines, ensuring their work is handmade, original, and not mass-produced. The festival values diversity in price range and media, aiming to offer attendees a wide variety of artistic styles.

The application requires submitting a form, available for email or postal delivery, along with five photographs of their work, one of their booth, and three showing production stages in their workshop or studio. Applications are reviewed based on originality, quality, and presentation, with decisions communicated within 30 days post-review. Previous participation does not ensure acceptance for the current year, and a short waiting list is maintained for each category.

Submission deadlines are typically in March and June, and artists are encouraged to apply early for consideration in this popular event.

fees and costs

Fees and Costs

Participation in the Santa Clara Art and Wine Festival involves various fees and costs. First, a non-refundable jury fee of $20.00 per category must be included with the artist’s application. This fee covers the administrative costs associated with the jurying process.

If accepted, artists must pay a booth fee of $295.00 per space. Each space is approximately 10′ by 12′, and artists are responsible for providing booths, tables, and chairs. Electricity is not available at the festival.

Additionally, artists selling pre-packaged gourmet food may be considered for the festival, but additional fees are associated with the food permit. The temporary food facility permit fee is $114.00.

It is important for artists to note that they are responsible for obtaining their insurance and any necessary permits required by the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA). Artists who engage in selling tangible property subject to sales tax must obtain a seller’s permit or use tax account.

Overall, artists should carefully consider the fees and costs associated with participating in the festival and ensure they are prepared to fulfill these financial obligations.

Parking and Setup Logistics

The festival provides artists ample access and timing for booth setup and convenient parking options. Artists can begin setting up their booths on the Friday before the festival, with specific times designated for setup. This allows artists to prepare their spaces and ensure a seamless and organized display.

It is important to note that private vehicles are not allowed in the park during the festival for public safety and insurance purposes. However, artists can hand-cart their materials and supplies from the parking lot to their assigned booth.

The festival provides free parking for one vehicle per vendor, ensuring easy access and convenience. Additionally, overnight parking for vendors may be available with prior permission. The festival organizers understand the importance of security and provide overnight security in the park on both Friday and Saturday. However, it is the artists’ responsibility to secure their property.

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