Fountain Hills Art Festival

The Fountain Hills Art Festival is a highly anticipated event showcasing artists’ creativity and talent worldwide. Held twice a year, this festival takes place in the beautiful town of Fountain Hills, Arizona. With its stunning mountain views and famous fountain, this oasis in the desert provides the perfect backdrop for a celebration of fine arts and crafts.

The festival occurs in both the fall and spring seasons, with the Fall Fountain Festival taking place on the entire second weekend of November and the Spring Fountain Festival being held on the last weekend of February. These events draw in a large crowd, attracting over 200,000 attendees annually.

The Fountain Hills Arts Festival is not just a show for collectors and enthusiasts; it is a welcoming and inclusive event that encourages everyone to appreciate and engage with art. Whether you’re looking to rent a booth and sell your art, shop for unique gifts, discover new artists, or soak in the vibrant atmosphere, the Fountain Hills Arts Festival is an event not to be missed.

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When:February – Spring Fountain Festival of Fine Arts & Crafts
November – Fall Fountain Festival of Fine Arts & Crafts
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About the Fountain Hills Art Festival

The twice-yearly Art Festival is a must-visit celebration of creativity and artistic expression. With over 500 artists and artisans showcasing their work, this event offers various arts and crafts for attendees to discover and purchase.

The festival creates a vibrant atmosphere by featuring food vendors and live music, enhancing the overall experience for visitors. Drawing thousands of people each year, it has become a beloved destination for art enthusiasts seeking inspiration and unique pieces.

The Fountain Hills Art Festival has a rich history of bringing together talented artists and art lovers. Over the years, it has garnered significant press coverage for its outstanding contributions to the arts community. Its popularity continues to soar as more and more people flock to this event to immerse themselves in a world of creativity and culture.

Venue Information

Located in the heart of Arizona, Fountain Hills offers a picturesque backdrop for the annual Fountain Hills Art Festival. This vibrant town, known for its stunning desert landscapes and outdoor recreational opportunities, is the perfect setting for celebrating artistic talent and creativity.

The festival venue, situated amidst the natural beauty of Fountain Hills, attracts over 500 artists and artisans from across the country, showcasing a diverse range of artwork and crafts. Visitors to the festival can explore the dynamic platform for artists to exhibit and sell their unique creations, from traditional to contemporary art forms.

In addition to admiring and purchasing art, attendees can engage in art demonstrations, workshops, and interactive exhibits and even involve children in the creative process at the dedicated children’s art area.

Visitor Demographics

The Fountain Hills Arts Festival attracts diverse attendees, reflecting a mix of demographics. Most visitors are married, comprising 74% of the crowd, with female attendees accounting for 59% of the visitors. The age range is varied, with 9% falling in the under-25 category, 6% between 25 and 29, and a significant 85% over 30.

This table showcases the diverse economic backgrounds of attendees at the Fountain Hills Arts Festival, highlighting its broad appeal across various income ranges.

Household Income RangePercentage of Attendees
Under $40K16%
$40K – $49K14%
$50K – $100K35%
$101K – $250K26%
Over $250K9%
artists opportunity

Opportunity for Artists

The Fountain Hills Art Festival presents a valuable opportunity for both established and emerging artists to showcase their work to a large audience of over 200,000 attendees annually. This juried art festival provides a platform for artists to engage with potential buyers over three days, offering significant exposure.

Additionally, membership opportunities provide year-round visibility and priority information on future show applications, increasing artists’ chances of participation. The Chamber of Commerce in Fountain Hills supports artists by offering business directory listings and year-round assistance, further boosting their presence in the artistic community.

The festival attendees enjoy discovering new talents and often return to support their favorite artists, creating a supportive and encouraging environment for creatives. The Fountain Hills Art Festival serves as a marketplace and a hub for nurturing artists and connecting them with a broad audience passionate about art.

How to Participate

Artists looking to participate in the Fountain Hills Art Festival can apply through the festival’s official website. The application process involves submitting artwork samples, providing a booth display plan, and sharing relevant information about the artist’s work.

The festival welcomes a variety of art mediums, including paintings, sculptures, ceramics, photography, and more. However, mass-produced or imported items are not permitted at the festival to maintain the focus on original and handmade art.

Once the application is submitted, artists will receive a confirmation email acknowledging receipt. The festival committee reviews applications on a rolling basis, and artists can expect to hear back within a few weeks of submission.

Successful applicants can showcase their work to a large audience of art enthusiasts and potential buyers during the festival. This process allows artists to connect with a supportive artistic community and gain exposure for their creativity.


Fees and Costs

To apply and participate in the event, an artist would have to pay several fees:

  1. Jury Fee: $35 – This fee is standard for any jury art show and is required to cover the costs associated with the jury process.
  2. Booth Fee: The artist must pay for their booth space at the event. The specific amount for the booth fee is not mentioned in the transcript but would likely vary depending on factors such as the booth size and location within the event space.
  3. Electric Fee: If the artist requires access to electricity for their booth, an additional fee may be charged for this service. The exact amount is not specified but is likely determined based on the electrical requirements of the booth setup.
  4. Business License Fee: There is a $50 fee for a business license, which is a requirement by the town of Fountain Hills for anyone doing business in the area. This fee is not collected by the Chamber of Commerce but is mandated by the municipality.
  5. Artist Membership Fee: An annual fee of $225 is required for artists to become members of the Chamber of Commerce. This fee provides access to various benefits, including marketing and educational support for their business.

In addition to the application and booth fees, artists may need to obtain insurance depending on the type of artwork they are showcasing.

Parking and Setup Logistics

Fountain Hills Art Festival artists enjoy easy access and convenient parking arrangements. Upon arrival, artists are guided through a smooth setup process to organize their booths strategically. They can count on detailed instructions and assistance to ensure an attractive display for visitors. The festival’s efficient logistics management allows artists to focus on presenting their work without worrying about setup details.

Ample parking facilities are provided to facilitate artists’ arrival and departure, ensuring a hassle-free experience. The setup timing is well-coordinated to allow artists to prepare their displays effectively.

The festival creates a vibrant and engaging environment for all participants by prioritizing parking and setup logistics. This attention to detail enhances the overall experience for artists and attendees, making the festival a celebration of creativity to remember.

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