Today artists need to take advantage of every opportunity when marketing art to potential buyers. It’s important to differentiate yourself from other artists. Although easier said than done here are some ideas that should help you get started and increase your art marketing efforts.

Educate Buyers

Whether in the studio or online an excellent art marketing idea is to offer knowledge that would be of interest to buyers. By providing real knowledge about art you can keep the interested buyers coming back to your website over and over. So how do you decide, what art buyers want to know?

Consider what a buyer needs to know about caring for their artwork. A good example would be how to safely clean your pieces of art. A great idea might be to write a tutorial or create a video tutorial showing them how to clean their art. You could also make a video tutorial about how to frame art. Or you may consider offering a list of the best places to have their art framed. By providing ideas to potential buyers you create a rapport that can build a lasting relationship and turn a visitor into a customer.

Create a Unique Buying Experience

There are many new marketing art techniques emerging from upcoming artists. Some include giving away art and other interesting and unique buying experiences for potential customers. Consider a play on words and offer your art as “Free to a good home.” With this approach, you could make a game out of it and require that in order to get the free piece of art they need to answer an art question.

Another great way to build a potential buyer list is to offer a free piece of art once a week, once every two weeks, or once a month. Potential buyers who are interested in them receiving a free piece of art are required to sign up for your newsletter. Let them know that you will notify the winners through the newsletter only. This allows you to build an e-mail list that you can then send additional information to on a regular basis to try and convert them into buyers.

With the use of the Internet, you have at your disposal subject to cost issues, various software that can help you to provide your buyers a fantastic online viewing experience, and with special areas only for the Esteemed Buyer, you can create that feeling of exclusivity in the buyer.

No Questions Asked Guarantee

You need to have a no-questions-asked guarantee to really stand out from the crowd by making it easy for buyers to return art that they are not happy with. You take the risk for them completely out of the picture (pun intended) and make it easier for them to buy your work of art.

Also, consider allowing a potential buyer to take a work of art home to hang in their house for several days without having to commit to purchasing. Depending on the way that you accept payments you could offer 30 days free before billing.

With a creative mind like yours, you will be able to come up with interesting ways of making a unique visiting and buying experience for your customers.

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