Art Marketing the Professional Way

Individuals purchase products from companies they trust or who they know by name brand and whose reputation sets the company apart. Artists have to understand that they are self-employed, and as a self-employed individual you too can be a product. As an Artist, you need to learn the professional way of creating your own brand, which people know by name and trust. To effectively market art in a professional way, an artist needs to create the right marketing strategy.

In essence marketing is the ability for others to hear about you and build a brand name that people trust. This is done by promising and delivering on those promises and commitments. Even marketing as an artist, the basic formula never changes. You need to develop a marketing strategy that will fulfill these goals. A perfect marketing art strategy will fail if the reputation of the artist is tarnished.

Your Art Portfolio

The most powerful tool you have in your marketing campaign is your portfolio. For today’s artists it is imperative that you not only

have your physical portfolio but to also have an online portfolio that will allow you to showcase examples of your work. Online portfolios allow easy access to potential buyers, while making it easy for you to update. However, you should also consider having a paper portfolio to show potential buyers. This paper portfolio should be filled with high quality photos of your work. Remember marketing art is about your ability to make your products look fantastic in the eyes of the buyer. It is also important that you keep your resume, rates and references up-to-date. As an artist by having a world-class portfolio and personal information up to date you are in possession of the most powerful marketing art tools available to you.

When creating your Catalogue, you need to review other catalogues and see how other well known professional artists are showcasing themselves and their works. Nowadays, there are tools out there that can help you get fantastic and professional catalogues which are not very expensive. You need to keep in mind the following when preparing your catalogues

1) Professional and Clean Photographs of your Art Work

2) Layout that is easy to follow and where Each Artwork can be clearly focused on.

3) There should be no spelling or layout mistakes

4) Use quality paper with a Cover and Back Page that stands out.

5) And off course the Content needs to excite readers about you as the Artist and The Artwork being portrayed.

As an artist you need to keep in mind that your name is the brand that you are selling. In order to fortify your reputation you will need to establish excellent credentials. Work diligently to overcome any buyer concerns or complaints in an effort to avoid building a negative brand name. Diligently work to meet deadlines, answering customer’s questions and make sure to follow through. Consider sending thank you cards to customers that bought and those that did not buy. If you can keep in touch with customers on a regular basis you keep your name brand in front of them and potentially have an opportunity to sell to them later on.

Art Marketing the Professional Way
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