7 Tips on How to Make a Profit Selling Your Art at Craft Fairs

Taking a booth at your local arts and crafts fair is a great way to promote and sell your art but it is also an investment in both time and money. Following these seven tips will make sure you make the most of your efforts and end up with a profit.

1. Offer a Range of Items at Different Price Points. Make it easy for people to find an item of yours they want to buy.

Everyone that walks past your booth will have a different idea of what they are looking for and how much they are willing to spend. It’s essential to have products at price points that cater to more than one type of customer. Not everyone wants to buy originals, so have other lower-cost items available for sale.

2. Display Prices Clearly

It’s all about reducing friction – making it easy for people to buy from you. Make sure that all of your artwork is appropriately labelled. Your labels should answer basic questions like:

What is the size of this print?””
What is this painting priced at?”
“Does this one have a title?

3. Accept Credit and Debit Cards

If you want to make sales, you MUST be able to accept debit or credit cards. Taking only cash will severely limit your income potential from art fairs. Good options are SQUAREUP, PAYPAL HERE, PAYANYWHERE, IZETTLE

4. Offer Shipping as an Option

By offering to ship their purchase, you make it easy for people to buy from you without having to carry around it around for the rest of the day. The added benefits of this are that you can still display their purchase on your stand (with a nice SOLD badge) and you get their email address for future communication.

5. Give-Aways: Have something that every visitor can take away.

Even if it’s just a business card, flyer, postcard puzzle or artist bio, having a giveaway allows your prospective customers to contact and stay in touch with you. The process of selling your art does not stop when the show ends.

6. Build Your Mailing List

Continue selling after the craft fair is over by capturing your visitor’s name and email address. Often overlooked, building an email list is an essential part of marketing your art and brand. It’s as easy as having a sign-up sheet or an iPad with an app like Mailchimp Subscribe, GoCanvas, or JotForms. Think of ways to offer visitors an incentive to give you their email address.

7. Upselling – Make the most of every sales situation.

Having a range of products allows you to sell additional items to a customer to increase your sales value. If someone has already decided to buy from you, they are in a buying mode and will be more receptive to purchase other items you sell. Have a range of products that complement each other.

7 Tips on How to Make a Profit Selling Your Art at Craft Fairs
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