7 Tips on How to Hang Artwork at an Art Festival

One of the main ways to succeed at your local art festival is to have an attractive booth set up to appeal to potential customers. When I first started off selling my artwork at art festivals I had a big mess. Paintings were hanging on 2×4 wood. The tent was sent up improperly and I had lawn chairs sitting in the entrance of the booth where no one could really get in. After some trial and error, I found several tips that made my booth more inviting.

1. I bought display panels that look appealing and withstand strong wind. I also bought a director’s chair and threw away the lawn chair so I would not be so low when sitting and talking to potential customers.

2. I only put up work that focuses on one theme or style. I didn’t want to look like an amateur so I made sure centered around one theme.

3. I set up my artwork nicely and neat around my booth. I kept a nice amount of space between each painting so that the paintings didn’t look like a bunch of clutter. I wanted to make sure that each painting stood alone.

4.I change my attitude. One of the best pieces of advice I got from an artist was to always have a positive attitude. Customers can pick up on your attitude and it may have an effect on your sales.

5. I set up nice tablecloths, rugs, soft music, candles to set the tone for their space.

6. I realize my booth is my store so I stop eating, drinking, and talking on my cell phone while at work.

7. I told all my friends they could not hang out at my booth to socialize. I found customers don’t like coming into booths that are crowded with people who are not looking at the artwork. The only crowd that draws a bigger crowd at any booth is a line at your booth where customers are making a purchase of your artwork.

After making these few changes I saw a big difference in my sales. These are some tips you may want to consider.

7 Tips on How to Hang Artwork at an Art Festival
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